AA Solutions VIALS, CAPS


AA Solutions Vial and Glass is providing top quality glass vials. We carry a wide array of stock vials and closures for sale at wholesale prices to businesses and to the public. AA Solutions buys directly from Vial manufactures and keeps stock of huge number of vials and can deliver instantly. Vial offers custom manufacturing and screen printing. We are family owned and operated and committed to providing our customers with top quality products and superior customer service. Our product line includes, screw thread vials, colored glass vials, capsule vials, patent lip vials, display vials, shell vials, perfume sampler vials, vanilla bean tubes and cigar tubes. We also provide caps, corks, stoppers, droppers, and glass applicator rods to fit our products.

Amber glass vials provide excellent UV protection for contents with sensitivity to light. Capacities range from ¼ dram (1 ml) to 8 drams (29.574ml).  Various screw thread closures are available and sold separately