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AA Solutions is a Manufacturer and supplier of Analytical Instruments accessories including high quality chemicals, calibration standards and certified references and much more for every laboratory. AA Solutions is present in the entire Middle East and Africa and focuses to deliver expertise in several fields through its headquarter in UAE, Morocco and thru dedicated business partners.

AA Solutions is a focused enterprise that has integrated many aspects of excellence and the latest available technology and quality by delivering ISO certified analyzers. We are putting sophisticated technology in a simple concept, simple to use, simple to maintain and simple to understand.

Our products are manufactured in the Netherlands, Germany and Australia and are tested according ISO9001 Quality Control guidelines. The analyzers are fully EMC tested and certified and are suitable to work in any laboratory environment. We have developed several products and working on new products using the latest technology known to men, enables us to develop electronics, hardware, firmware, software and made it Simple.

The technology we use in developing our products is the latest technology where we make sure we follow the highest quality standards available (ISO, EN, ECM). We focus delivering solutions to today’s and future laboratories. Dedication and perseverance keeps us moving forward to serve your analytical challenges.

AA Solutions Qualified Sales and Service team has built the expertise in the analytical field in your region and has adapted high quality standards to be unique and determined to insure you are well served.

AASolutions is a dedicated Manufacturer and Solution Provider with dedicated product’s / Market’s experience in the Hydrocarbon Process Industry (HPI) and Life science.

Please feel free to contact us about any inquiry, technical question or support.
With kind regards,

Khalid Tafrasti
CEO AA Solutions FZCO