AASOLUTIONS Gas Liquid Sampling System (GLSS)


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AASOLUTIONS RamsBottom Carbon Residue Tester ACRT-01


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AASOLUTIONS Salt in Crude Analyzer ASC-100


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SALT in crude
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AA SOLUTIONS Salt in Crude ASC-100 Analyzer is a fully automated analyzer that measures salt content in crude petroleum using a two electrodes system according to ASTM D3230 and IP265.

The AA Solution ASC-100 Analyzer measures salt in crude for a range of 0.01 PTB to 250 PTB (0.01-720 mg/L) and displays the results in lbs/1000 bbl (pounds per thousand barrels) and in mg/L.

The ASC-100 Analyzer measurements are very accurate and precise by the automatic temperature and blank correction that are applied for every measurement using the built in Pt-100 and the last measured blank.

The Analyzer comes pre-calibrated and does an automatic correction for the temperature changes and does not require calibrations, but can be verified with the supplied Certified Reference Standard.

The ASC-100 Analyzer has a touch screen with the user friendly interface, 1000 results can be stored, printed, saved on a USB and sent to LIMS.

The instrument has an automated REFERENCE check with failed and PASSED indication according to ASTM specifications.

The ASC-100 Analyzer can save up to 10 calibration curves with each curve containing up to 10 calibration levels. Calibration curves are displayed with the regression coefficient and the curve function. Levels can be added and replaced.

The maintenance menu is accessible to calibrate for the temperature, the reference temperature and conductivity along with firmware update and printer connection.

  • Moisture Proof 10” inch LED-lit Touch Screen
  • WXDXH 400x250x150 mm
  • Salt concentration values displayed automatically in lbs/1000 bbl and mg/L
  • Pre-calibrated for immediate use as per ASTM D3230
  • 1000 results are stored
  • Results, Calibration can be saved to USB, Printed
  • Automatic Reference Check
  • LIMS Connectivity
  • Typical test time 20 seconds
  • Automatic Temperature and blank correction with built in PT-100
  • Maintenance menu for calibration and trouble shooting
  • Supplied with 4 beaker and Reference standards
  • RS232, USB and Ethernet Connection
OrderingIncluding 4 beakers, volumetric cylinder
ReferenceReference standard included
User Interface10” Chemical resistant touchscreen
CorrectionAuto correction for temperature using built-in PT100 and last run blank
Detection range0.1 ptb to % ( Unit in ptb and mg/L)
ConnectivityLAN, USB, LIMS & Bluetooth
Data Storage1000 data results and 10 calibration curves
DimensionsWxDxH 400 x 250 x 200 mm
Power Supply110 – 240 V – 50/60 Hz
Weight7 Kg

Standard Methods:

ASTM D3230, IP265