Service contracts


AA SOLUTIONS provides preventive maintenance and service of laboratory equipment that includes hardware, application, software, calibration and verification on a regular basis. With highly Skilled Engineers with factory background, we cover the scope of any laboratory and make sure the breakdown time is minimized.

With a wide range of qualified engineers, we provide professional services.

Our Service Team exists of certified and qualified with dedicated expertise in many analyzers and application to perform the following services:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Emergency repair
  • Trouble shooting
  • Application development
  • Routine Calibration
  • Certification
  • Application and hardware modification
  • Spare parts management and recommendation
  • Software, firmware and hardware upgrades
  • Safety Recommendations
  • Training

We provide stationed engineers for any laboratory size. The advantage of a stationed is to have a qualified engineer immediately attend any intermittent breakdown or service.

We are a committed and service-orientated team that has been proven to be successful by combining force and know-how.