VUV analytics


VUV Analytics manufactures the world’s first gas chromatography detectors and streaming gas analyzers based on vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) absorption spectroscopy.  The company is committed to pioneering VUV analytical technologies for the general scientific community.  VUV Analytics is located just outside of Austin, TX with regional distribution and support partners throughout the world.  For more information visit

“VUV Analytics continues to pioneer innovations in VUV spectroscopy, from the launch of the VGA-100 in 2014, SVGA-100 in 2015, to our latest spectrometer, the VGA-101 in 2016.  Our team is passionate about delivering unique analytical solutions to a wide range of applications,” said Sean Jameson, Senior Vice President of Business Development at VUV Analytics.  “Responding to our customer’s feedback, the VGA-101 detector is uniquely engineered to provide qualitative and quantitative GC data with excellent sensitivity and selectivity at elevated operating temperatures throughout an expanded wavelength spectrum.  We are excited to deliver these latest advancements to our customers to enable further discovery in the VUV spectrum.”

With a pre-approved ASTM method, the GC-VUV technology will be the fastest and most durable solution for the specification and hydrocarbon grouping, including:

  • Hydrocarbon class identification
  • Unique compound spectra
  • Coupled with any GC separation and deconvolution
  • alternatives to ASTM petroleum methods and to unique applications

How does it work? Easy. It’s all about absorption spectroscopy.

The vacuum ultraviolet spectrum opens up a wide spectrum of advantages. Most compounds have little or no absorption in the UV-VIS, while everything absorbs strongly in the VUV.

  • Very fast sampling. (Up to 100Hz)
  • Excellent temporal resolution
  • No ionization means minimal sample degradation
  • Kiss calibration hassles goodbye, with the unique ability to model and accurately predict detector response
  • Resolve co-eluting analytes & quit worrying about trying to achieve baseline resolved chromatography

100x improvement in detection limits

  • Gas phase molecule absorption cross-section strength translates directly to sensitivity gains

Detection perfection for broad uses

  • Permanent gas blends
  • Specialty gas contamination
  • Feed stream process monitoring
  • CO2 capture and conversion
  • Catalyst reactions

Easy determination and deconvolution 

  • Beer-Lambert Law driven quantitation
  • Rich absorption spectra for painless deconvolution